Growing Petal Earrings // Hammered & Forged Sterling Silver

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Two hammered petals; growing up. Graduated petal shapes are cut, hammered and domed, for maximum light play and reflection. these are eye grabbers and so lightweight for a larger earring, you will hardly notice them on. I decided it take on of my best sellers and have it grow up a bit, literally, in size. Single petal versions are still available in Silver, Brass and Copper. 

- Sterling Silver.

- Hangs 2 3/8".

- Hammered texture.

- Sterling Silver Ear Wires.

- Limited Edition; only a limited number of these will be made to order.

Every piece of A.N. Original Jewelry is crafted with care and handmade from the ground up in my studio in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate NY. Shaped, soldered and polished with my own two hands. We source our stones from small independent stone artisans whenever possible.

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